ActiveX for imaging.

With Fath ImageX control you can easily add bitmap image view, print, create and convert capabilities to your applications.
It supports methods to create image viewer or full-featured graphics editor application.


  • Load and save various image formats
  • Easily print images
  • Resize, create thumbnails, change bit-depth of images
  • Apply various image effects and image-processing filters
  • Create new images
  • Draw and write text on images
  • Analyze and detect changes in multiple images
  • Mix images with various operations and opacity
  • Load/Save images into text fields of a database
  • Lossless rotate, flip, transpose, transverse of JPEG files
  • Capture screen/window methods
  • Read and write multi-page TIFF images
  • Convert TIFF to PDF
  • Undo and Redo operations
  • Create windows icons
  • Upload images to web server using HTTP
  • Load images from web
  • Load RAW photo images
  • Apply Photoshop plug-ins to images
  • Set image transparency
  • Read/write AVI files. Extract still images(frames) from AVI
  • Zoom and scroll
  • Build-in automatic scroll-bars
  • Acquire/scan images from TWAIN sources
  • Retrieve EXIF info from JPG files
  • Samples included: C#, VB.NET, HTML, ASP, MS Access

There's Visual Basic sample included. ImageX can also be used with ASP / VBScript.

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I want to say I really like this ocx. Love to have lots of options to play with and easy to use.

J. Skoog
Standpoint Affärsutveckling AB